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Keep Your Pool Crystal Clear

Did you know that a dirty, unmaintained pool is not only extremely unsightly, but also poses health and safety risks for those who swim in it? Misplaced equipment or materials can lead to injury and nasty bacteria and buildup can lead to some health threats. Keep your pool beautiful, clean, and safe with pool care from Swim Solutions Pools. We offer a wide range of pool services to help you ensure your home’s pool is always in the best condition. Reach out to us today to schedule an appointment!

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Swim Solutions Pools offers FULL weekly pool service which includes:

  • Skimming the surface
  • Cleaning skimmer and pump baskets
  • Cleaning the sweep bag
  • Vacuuming the floor
  • Brushing the walls and stairs
  • Checking/Adjusting chemicals
  • Backwashing filters as needed
  • Verifying that equipment is in good working condition

We offer FULL service. Our #1 priority is to make sure you are happy with your pool and get to enjoy it to the greatest extent. Why waste time working up a sweat on something meant for fun and relaxation?

Residential Pool Services

Take the Stress Out of Owning a Pool

Pools are an excellent addition to any home and are meant to bring relaxation. They offer endless fun, aesthetics, and even increased value for your home. However, with all the fun stuff comes the not-so-fun-stuff, such as proper cleaning and maintenance, which as we mentioned, is not something that can be foregone.

We know that taking proper care of your pool can be difficult and may even feel nearly impossible. You’ve got laundry to do, dogs to walk, and kids to entertain. Who has time to perfect the levels of chemicals in the pool or constantly ensure that your filter is clean and properly functioning? That’s why our team of professionals at Swim Solutions Pools is here to help! Our convenient services ensure you’ll never have to lift a finger, yet can still enjoy all the wonderful perks of having a pool in your yard.

Gone are the days of checking and rechecking chemicals, only to determine you poured too much in. Now, you can simply schedule your weekly pool care appointments and rest assured that everything is taken care of for the rest of the week.

Why Do I Need These Services

Pool maintenance is key to attaining the full life of a pool. If the pool is not properly maintained, this could reduce the lifespan of your pool by 50% or in extreme cases, even 75%. improper maintenance can cause pools to turn green very quickly and cause bacteria to grow, creating an unsafe pool environment. Therefore, FULL, consistent pool maintenance is incredibly important to the life of your pool and the lives of those using it.

Weekly Pool Service

The Swim Solutions Full Service Pool Maintenance Program provides everything a pool needs on a frequent ongoing basis at competitive prices and includes:

Skimming the surface

Cleaning baskets

Cleaning sweep bag


Brushing walls

Balancing Chemicals

Backwashing as needed

Checking equipment

Trust Swim Solutions Pools

You take pride in your pool, which is why it deserves the best pool services in all of Dallas. Our experts at Swim Solutions Pools have what it takes to get the job done quickly and thoroughly to ensure you’re completely satisfied and that those who use your pool are safe.

Reach out to us in Dallas today to learn more about our residential pool services!

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